Alchemist wakes up after knocking himself out and his valuables has been stolen! He can't continue his world domination without the philosopher's stone. Find all the books of elements and use them to reach the ultimate goal!


Move the alchemist with either arrows or I, J, K and L. Once you learn elemental spells, you can select them with A, S, D and F. After that you have to invoke a spell using space.

To get you started, strong gust of wind moves barrels.


I used Unity as my game engine. Graphics were created with amazing Pro Motion NG. Tiled was used to create tilemaps.

I was not able to finish the entry completely. There's no plot of any kind in the game itself and the game doesn't end when you reach the goal. When you manage to pick up the philosopher's stone, you finished the game.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity


AlchemyFumesWin.zip 13 MB

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